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Oil and Air Filters - Do they matter?

Published on 3 years ago on 13/04/2018

Yes. Yes, they do. The best part, for how much your car uses them – they aren’t expensive.

Why are they important?

They help you keep your engine healthy and run smooth for along time. They do get dirty (as they are filters) so you will have to change them out between periods.

How do they keep my engine healthy?

Air filters help the engine breathe easily. This is especially more important in warmer humid countries like Malaysia as dirt will accumulate much quicker.

            ·        An air filter catches and keeps dirt, grime,bugs, leaves, etc. away from the engine

            ·        Getting those in the engine causes abrasion and corrosion (bad)

            ·        A filthy air filter will deprive an engine of air

A lack of air hamper’s a car’s performance due to the lack of oxygen. This means lack of acceleration at higher RPMs. Petrol economy may also be affected.

Oil filters help keep impurities within the engine oil out of the engine.

            ·        They keep metallic shavings away from the engine

            ·        Metal shavings can wear your engine bearings

            ·        This causes lower oil pressure

            ·        This can cause major engine issues

Like the air filter, the oil filter will get clogged with impurities over time and will no longer be able to clean your oil.

So when do I change my air and oil filters?

So when do you change out these often overlooked vital components? As with all car parts, it depends.

For the best approach, check your user’s manual first. If you rather not, read on:

Air filters depending on driving conditions should be changed every 38,000km or every two years. It is however a smart policy to inspect your air filter every 10,000km (Every time you change your oil).

Oil filters should be changed whenever you change your oil.So this means 10,000km or 6 months if you are using a synthetic formulation and 5,000km or 3 months if you’re using conventional engine oil.

So the next time you go for your regular servicing, be sure to check your air filters and ask for a changed oil filter as well.


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