/Images/Upload/frmCMSContent/0R0zyxuWOTtAvJrVvDzN.jpg If the police can be tricked into buying RM5 million of fake auto parts, what about us?

Don't die because of "KFC" parts

Published on 2 years ago on 29/03/2018

"KFC" or "PAU" are what people in the Malaysian auto parts industry call formitation parts. The distribution of these fake auto parts is rampant in Malaysia and needs to be put to a stop.

According to The Star, the police in Kuala Lumpur have been tricked into paying RM5 million for imitation auto parts for their patrol cars and police vehicles!

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According to the report, the police are unsure of how long this has been going on; so this is only the first time it has happened THAT WE KNOW OF.

90 of those spare auto parts were sent to Proton headquarters for verification.

70 out of the 90 auto parts were imitation products. That means nearly 80% of the auto parts purchased were imitations!


We don’t know if this is happening to the general consumer as well, but if suppliers had both the capability as well as the nerve to try selling the police who have been trained in investigation; what does that say about the general landscape? 

"If the police can be tricked; what about the average person?"

Having imitation engine oil is one thing, but actual physical imitation auto parts could put you in a dangerous situation on the road.

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